Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog Tour: The Buterfly's Daughter by Mary Alice Monroe

 The Butterfly's Daughter

Title: The Butterfly's Daughter by Mary Alice Monroe
Publisher: Gallery Books
Published: May 2011
ISBN: 9781439170618
Pages: 400

           Abuela (Grandma) Esperanza raises Luz after her mother dies.  She spends many years in cold Wisconsin far from her Mexican home working to give Luz a good life.  After receiving some news  from her daughter Maria, Esperanza plans a road trip to San Antonio to see her daughter Maria and then to Mexico to take Luz to visit family, see winter home of the monarch butterfly, and complete a family tradition.  Abuela dies before she can complete her mission.
           Truly alone for the first time in her life, Luz decides to go on the trip Abuela planned for them.   Leaving her home and her boyfriend Sully, she drives southward to fulfill this commitment to herself and her Abuela.  Her cross-country trip becomes a journey of self-discovery; she meets people along the way that seem to appear at the perfect time for their mutual growth and progress.
           In San Antonio at her aunt's house, she finds out the real reason for Abuela's urgency in making this "pilgrimage".  The life-altering secret cause her to rethink her Abuela and her upbringing.  Continuing southward to Abuela's birthplace and the winter home of the monarch butterfly, Luz meets family and participates in cultural traditions for the first time. Eventually Luz has to make a decision whether to embrace the future or cling to her past ideas about her life.
            Each chapter of the novel is preceded with a fact about monarch butterfly's life that correlates with the events of that chapter.  The butterflys are the ties that bind all the characters in the book together.   Just like later generations complete the original butterfly's pilgrimage, Luz completes the path set by her ancestors.  Despite all the obstacles, she emerges from her chrysalis (comfort zone) and sees the long, daunting journey through.
*This book was provided by the publisher Gallery Books in exchange for my honest opinion.*

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