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Blog Tour: The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results

 The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results

Title: The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results by Dr. Mike Moreno
Publisher: Free Press
Published: March  2011
ISBN: 9780615419176
Pages: 256

     The 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno promises to help you lose weight fast by changing your metabolism so you are constantly burning fat.  The diet is divided into four 17 day cycles: accelerate, activate, achieve, and arrive. Dr. Moreno includes a handy weight chart to give a general idea weights for each height.
     The cycles are mainly to change the way you eat and to get your metabolism on track. 
  • Accelerate -- Improves digestion, gets rid of excess sugar in blood, teaches you to recognizes the signs of hunger and fullness, and reduces body's storage of fat
  • Activate -- Resetting metabolism by changing calorie intakes and further cementing changes made during the accelerate cycle
  • Achieve -- Cementing diet and weight loss by adding more foods to diet and increasing exercise (particularly aerobic), and add more good foods to diet
  • Arrive -- Maintaining weight loss but still allowing free days for where you can eat anything 
    There are only 17 minutes of required exercise every day and it can be any form you choose. The doctor also lists the effects diet on the body for a time frame from 15 minutes after breakfast to 6 months after the main part of the diet.

    During each cycle, you are encouraged to eat lean proteins like chicken, fish, and other foods.  You are allotted different vegetables and fruits for each phase of the diet and told which fruits and vegetables actually slow your metabolism.  The doctor outlines which carbs are acceptable for consumption during each cycle, which fats to indulge in, foods rich in various minerals, the benefits of probiotics, and the benefits of water, coffee, and green tea while on the plan.

   Dr. Moreno also includes tips for following this diet while still enjoying your cultural foods.  Tips include reducing portion size, boiling or steaming or sauteing in a little oil rather than frying, avoiding butter sauces, using whole grains, etc.   He includes tips for women with PMS that can foster weight loss or maintenance of weight loss while providing relief from some PMS symptoms.  There are tips for enjoying a restaurant meal without falling off the wagon.  Another chapter details how to avoid saboteurs (intentional and unintentional), survive holidays, shift work, and travel situations.

   I'm actually on the activate portion of the diet and have actually seen some weight loss (about 3 lbs).  I've started eating breakfast or at least a small meal before leaving the house and have added some fruits while giving up others.  I waited until after Easter to start since there is about a month before another holiday loaded with food.  As far as weight loss goes, my Achilles heel is soda (especially Coca-Cola). I've been gradually weaning myself from soda; I'm down to about a liter every two weeks.  I like this diet plan and have had pretty good results in the week or so I've been doing it.    I appreciate that he included a section for different cultural diets and doesn't assume that everyone is "meat and potatoes" American.  For me, the section on family and potential sabotage will likely be most helpful.  I'll keep updating.

*This book was provided by the publisher Free Press in exchange for my honest opinion.*

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