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Blog Tour: Dakota: A Work in Progress

Dakota: A Work in Progress

Title: Dakota: A Work in Progress by Bill Rosecrans
Publisher: Diversion Press
Published: December 2008
ISBN: 9781935290018
Pages: 192     

    Dakota: A Work in Progress is author Bill Rosecrans book about his rambunctious golden retriever, Dakota.  Starting from the day Dakota was added to the family.  Dakota's distinct personality makes for hilarious stories.  He also details Dakota's antics such as hiding in the bathroom during a thunderstorm, knocking people over affectionately, refusing to play fetch, stealing food and coffee, resisting all attempts to train him, and licking people's feet. Pets, especially larger pets, can have larger than life personalities and character traits.  Part of the fun of having a pet is to see how they change or become more strong minded as they grow.  Despite all the trouble Dakota can cause, he seems to brighten up Bill and his family's life.

      This is a great book for people who love dogs or just need some short stories to cheer their day.  Bill manages to capture Dakota's strong personality. I am not a dog person but I found these stories interesting and quick, fun reading at the end of a long day. 

This review is based on a book provided by the publisher Diversion Press in exchange for my honest opinion.

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