All About Bibliopagista

I love books; I cannot lie.

I've always been the girl lost in a book. When people needed reading recommendations, they always asked for my input. I have very eclectic taste in reading material and try to give everything a fair shake. In my reading history, there are less than 5 books that I have left unfinished - no matter how horrible they were. I'll read pretty much anything but have a preference for nonfiction and well crafted fiction and literature. However my pet peeves are spelling errors and grammatical errors (taking liberties for dialogue or characters excluded)especially in books from big publishing houses.

I created my own blog to have my own space to talk about books and their place in my life. My blog name is a take on "fashionista"; I am an unrepentant bibliophile. I still take at least one book with me; now with ebooks, I can take several on my phone anywhere I go.

Reviews for books provided by publishing houses or agents will be labeled as such.

Just a little about me,