Monday, October 1, 2012

Banned Book Week

Reprinted by permission of the American Library Association.  
Banned Books Week is an annual event promoting free access to information and freedom from censorship.  Every year, books are removed (usually temporarily, rarely permanently) from circulation at libraries and schools due to challenges by "concerned citizens".  For 30 years, this event has increased public knowledge of attempts at book banning and highlighted the ways to fight the ban attempts.  Check out the website for events and tips on how you can celebrate banned books week.

Recently challenged books include The Hunger Games, To Kill A Mockingbird, Twilight, The Color Purple, The Kite Runner.  Looking at the list the common theme seems to be anything that has even a hint of sexuality or violence.  The challenges very often are based on keeping the children away from inappropriate material.  Squeamishness about sex and violence is understandable but acting like teenagers or even children should be sheltered from even age appropriate discussions of these topics just doesn't reflect reality, particularly a reality where kids spend tons of time on the internet and many have phones with data plans.  What are some of the banned books you've enjoyed?

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