Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: The Folded Earth by Anuradha Roy

The Folded Earth: A Novel by Anuradha Roy
Free Press
April 2012    

 The Folded Earth is the story of Maya, a young woman who abandons her big city life and prominent past shortly after being widowed.  Already estranged from her family due to her mixed marriage to a Christian, she has little to keep her from escaping the city to begin anew in a rural mountain town close to where her husband died.
Having a teaching at a Christian school courtesy of her husbands priest, she can observe the town and its inhabitants in a different way than the other outsiders.  She is able to quickly make friends with her landlord, the last remnant of the local aristocracy.  The addition of his nephew to the household causes a subtle shift in the rhythm of life in the house. Political and religious issues in the background also cause tensions in several aspects of her life in ways she is unused to. Despite what she thinks life turns out to be just as complicated living an isolated life as it was dodging the past in the city.
Over the course of time, Maya begins to realize she may have more of a connection via her late husband with the nephew than he let on.  Realizing she has been taken advantage of, Maya makes a vengeful decision that affects the lives of several people close to her.  
Anuradha Roy is back with another great book.  Her last, The Atlas of Impossible Longing, gave us a look into the lives of multiple generations of an Indian family.  This book follows a young woman life after the death of the husband she gave everything up for.  I really like this book  I love Ms. Roy's way with words and the worlds she creates for her characters.  I look forward to future books from Ms. Roy.

** This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.           **                                                                                  

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